The Goldstein of all Seinfelds

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Feingold! Loved By Millions--Airstrip Fox, the media giant that turned reality TV into the constant surveillance of each and every one of us, has renewed its deal with mandatory comedian Feingold to stream his image into everybody's livingroom in perpetuity.

"Feingold is love", Airstrip Fox's recent campaign to attract a more dedicated viewership, not only increased the number of hours of individual wall monitor viewing, but also replaced sexual activities and proper meals for many of us.

The mandatory comedian, known for his signature "YOU GOTTA WATCH!!" command, changed the face of overseeing authority by reflecting weakness and insincerity back on our citizenry.

"Feingold! fans are an obedient bunch," the mandatory comedian told a room full of Airstrip Fox executives at the contract signing. "You never know if I'm a threat or just your perception of a threat."

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